Welcome to 2017!

Our first week back for 2017 has been a very exciting one indeed!

– We welcomed our new 2017 Foundation students who were at school until 12.30 each day.

– We welcomed a number of new families to our school, with new students in all levels.

– We welcomed two new staff members, Miss Rachael Whyte, who is teaching a grade 3/4 class, and Miss Kailey Scott who is running our art program this year.

– Our new school captains ran their very first assembly, showing great leadership skills through their organisation and public speaking

–  All of our students began their studies with our beginning school program called ‘Blast Off!’ which will run for another week or two!

All in all it has been a great start to our school year.  We cannot wait to see what great things our students achieve as they ‘rocket to success!’