Daily mathematics instruction at Roslyn Primary School is delivered to students at their point-of-need, providing them with the next-steps in their development as young mathematicians.  Students are engaged in authentic mathematics tasks, games and investigations that require thinking and understanding rather than the memorisation of facts, procedures and techniques.

Within the mathematics classroom at Roslyn Primary School, students are involved in ‘warm ups’ to help them continually revisit and practice the number skills and strategies they have developed.  The mathematics lesson involves an introduction to the content which involves input from students and a modeled, worked sample, ensuring checking in with students for understanding.  In this section of the lesson students are provided with their ‘learning intention’ for the lesson, and the ‘success’ criteria’ they would use to gauge their success within the learning.  Students are then set to task on their independent practice, which could be individually or in groups, with some students involved in a ‘mini-lesson’ which is designed to help students who struggle with concepts, or students who need the ‘next steps’ in their development at any level.  All mathematics lessons are then concluded with a reflection session, celebrating students growth and reflecting on strategies learned during the lesson.  This is a chance for students to check in on their success in the lesson based on the success criteria built at the beginning of the lesson.


There are many everyday life experiences that can be used as incidental maths practice.  Games can be enjoyed by the whole family, and your children won’t even know they’re involved in mathematics.  Here are some helpful hints for you to apply to boost your child’s mathematical skills;
Cooking is a fantastic way to apply great amounts of maths skills and strategies, not to mention the quality time cooking together, and enjoying the finished product at the end!
Shopping experiences allow your child to manipulate money in meaningful ways.  Whether you allow your children to spend their own pocket money, or give them the important role of handling payments for groceries, all experiences help.  Have children look at catalogues and work out what they can purchase with different amounts of money.  Have them work out the change and integrate literacy by writing a helpful shopping list.
– Referring to analogue and digital clock times will help your child improve their understanding of time. Often students will struggle with analogue time and any experience will help. A wrist watch is a perfect birthday present which will help them improve another vital skill. When your children have gained some great understanding of time, ask them how long things may take. For example, ask them at what time they should take the cake out of the oven if it’s to cook for thirty minutes?
Number skills can be practiced in many everyday situations. Encourage your child to read and record the score on their favourite games on ‘Play station / DS / x-Box / Wii / Apps on iPods, iPads and phones.
Travelling in the car always provides great opportunities to be involved in everyday maths. Counting posts, trucks, and signs will help develop maths skills. Give your child a pencil, paper and a clip board for them to tally these along the way. There are many games you can play with number plates, and the colours of cars. Use the internet to find some that you might like to try.  Using maps on holidays provide another area for children to explore mathematics further.
Measuring growth on a growth chart, and checking weight are ways to have children involved in measurement. Students could also measure the area of their bedrooms and can create maps of these with details of furniture and maybe even get to move their bedrooms around during the next school holidays.
Card and board games provide many opportunities to be involved in everyday maths. Games like UNO, Monopoly and Snakes and Ladders, can be enjoyed by all age levels and are great ways to promote family interaction.