Science & STEAM

It has been suggested that many of the big issues Australian society will face in the future will be around science and technology, energy, resources and climate change.  At Roslyn Primary School we believe that having our students engage in science will encourage them to question and inquire into the world around them.  We offer a science-wide approach to science which is taught from Foundation to Year Six, examining Biological Science, Earth and Space Science, Chemical Science and Physical Science. Science forms the basis for two of our three inquiries throughout the year.

Our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) program allows a specialised weekly lesson dedicated to the critical and creative thinking involved in this collaboration of curriculum.  Students explore and create solutions to problems and are engaged in creative thinking, developing problem solving skills through invention and experimentation.  Students enjoy the opportunity to create their own electronic circuits and gizmos using our ‘LittleBits’, and are also involved in coding activities to help prepare them for a future unknown.

We are excited to have a specialist science and STEAM space set up in our school to cater for science and STEAM activities, and to allow our community to engage in science and STEAM related learning through interactive displays.

Roslyn Primary School is extremely fortunate to be situated next-door to the ‘BioLAB – The Victorian BioScience Education Centre’, which is one of six specialist science and mathematics centres in Victoria.  We have developed a unique relationship with the BioLAB and this provides our students with additional opportunities to engage with specialised teachers using high-tech scientific and sporting equipment.  The BioLAB specialises in highlighting science and mathematics through a sports focus.  Roslyn has also teamed with the BioLAB in developing a ‘STEM Primary Network’ within the Geelong area to encourage and develop a greater focus on science education in primary education in our area.