Computers and related technologies have a profound effect on everyday life both inside and outside the classroom. People of all ages should be aware of the opportunities and challenges that these technologies present.  Computer based technologies offer students and staff opportunities to access vast resources and the opportunities to explore new, exciting and powerful ways of teaching and learning.

Students at Roslyn Primary School have access to Smartboard technology in all of the classrooms. The upper grade levels have the opportunity to lease a netbook which can be used at home and at school to maximise the potential use of I.C.T. (Information and Communications Technologies) for learning ‘anytime, anywhere!’  The lower grades all have access to class sets of netbooks which are used throughout the day across all curriculum areas, as well as iPods and which are regularly used to compliment the teaching and learning program.  We are beginning to introduce iPads into classrooms with the future plan of substituting netbooks for iPads as our main learning tool.

Safe Browsing – Students and parents should be aware that the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has firewalls and filters in place, and regularly monitors sites accessed by schools. At Roslyn Primary School students are only allowed to access the internet in the presence of a responsible adult. For more information on what we do at Roslyn Primary School to educate our students on safe-browsing, see our eSmart section.