Digital Technologies

Roslyn Primary School prepares students with the skills to succeed in the digital world.  Digital technologies are embedded across all curriculum areas and are utilised as both learning and student engagement tools.  Teachers use digital technologies to provide students with authentic learning challenges that foster curiosity, creativity, and the ability to collaborate with others.

As an eSmart school, students are taught safe and ethical online behaviours.  Following the eSmart framework, students are taught to monitor their own digital footprint and to exhibit positive online behaviours.  More information about eSmart can be obtained from the ‘Alannah and Madline Foundation – eSmart’ website. 

All learning spaces utilise Smart TVs to engage students with interactive texts, literacy and numeracy activities, and web research relating to specific units of inquiry.  The school aims to provide confidence for students using a range of devices. 

Elements of ‘coding’ are integrated into classroom learning.