Student Engagement and Wellbeing

At Roslyn Primary School we are committed to educating the whole student and strive to provide a caring, supportive environment where students can grow into healthy, inquisitive, happy and supported people.  We are an inclusive school where the student’s wellbeing is considered to be as important as their academic development. As a ‘You Can Do It’ school, we consistently promote the values of organisation, resilience, persistence, confidence and getting-along.  Our ‘Code of Conduct’ outlines the standard of acceptable behaviour for all members of our community. In doing so, we follow the procedures of ‘Restorative Practice’ which is a set of guidelines to help resolve difficulties.  Roslyn Primary School is a ‘RAMP’ (Risk Assessment Management Program) school, with each and every student monitored for any wellbeing problems, allowing for quick and efficient help and assistance where need be.

As well as supportive teachers, the students and wider school community have access to the School Chaplain who provides support for students and families.  Our Chaplain provides additional support to students and families in need at a time of crisis, such as a dealing with a death or family separation.  The Chaplain works closely with the school’s Student Wellbeing Team identifying and addressing issues, such as developing social skills.

Students requiring specialist help can be referred to councilors through ‘Emerald Tree Counseling Services’ who work at the school with students.  Our school has access to the services of our network psychologists, social workers and speech therapists.

At Roslyn Primary School we are proactive in joining with local, state, and national initiatives of wellbeing and mental health in the form of special days.  We hold celebrations for ‘You Can Do It’, ‘Stress Down Day’, cultural diversity, ‘NAIDOC’ celebrations, Anzac Day, and anti-bullying days.  We celebrate our multi-cultural community and we celebrate the impact our families have on our community.

The school’s Student Wellbeing Team provide a number of different activities and programs to support the students.  These include;
– Passive Play (providing a quiet inside activity at lunchtimes)
– Friendship Groups
– Creative-Arts activities
– Counseling for parents and students
– Parent Forums
– Buddy Program for our new Foundation students