The Roslyn Song

‘The Roslyn Song’ was written many years ago to celebrate how great our school is!  We sing ‘The Roslyn Song’ at the end of each term, and at special occasions, with students and teachers alike singing with great gusto and enthusiasm!

Recently our ‘Music Group’ have written the accompanying music and perform this with the marimbas, ukuleles and other musical instruments!

Roslyn, (da da da da!)
The Kids from Roslyn (da da da da!)
Roslyn (da, da, da, da!)
We’re the kids from Roslyn

We’re the best school in Geelong,
We work hard all the day.
Then when our work is through,
We like to play at… (Chorus)

Our teachers are good to us,
They are really great.
We do what they say without a fuss,
and we never hesitate at… (Chorus)

Then when we’re eighty-two,
and our lives are nearly through.
We’ll look back over our time,
and remember our school was fine at… (Chorus)