Camps Program

The Roslyn Primary School camps program is an important way for children to develop life-skills in a relaxed, educational and fun way. Going on camp also provides our students and teachers with an opportunity to develop relationships with each other on a different level in a more relaxed and real-life situation.

The program begins early on in the school experience with a Year One and Two Sleepover at school, held during Term Four. The Foundation students are involved in this program, and join in for a barbeque dinner, followed by some fun activities, but they do not stay the night.

Our Year Three and Four students are involved in two camps alternating between a bush camp at Sunnystones in Bacchus Marsh, and a beach camp at Cottage-By-The-Sea in Queenscliff.

The Year Five and Six students are involved in two camps alternating between an 1850s experience at Sovereign Hill, and an urban camp in Melbourne. The camp at Sovereign Hill immerses students into the living conditions of the 1850s as they dress up in character and attend school on the goldfields of Ballarat.  They experience many activities related to learning about Australia’s most significant historical influence.  The urban camp in Melbourne provides our students with the opportunity to explore and experience the excitement of, and significant around the city centre.