Prep Transition

What an exciting, yet scary time in your child’s life, when they step out into the world to attend school.  This is a crucial time for both the child and their families as life-long relationships can start here.  We run a mix of both formal and informal transition activities for both 3 year old and 4 year old kinder children.

This year we have four sessions for our Prep students to attend, these sessions vary in length to help with separating from Mum and Dad and also to slowly get use to the new environment.  We have also added an additional optional after- school session so that our working parents get the opportunity to come along to school to be part of the transition experience with their child. Our transition sessions provide opportunities for the Pre-prep students to experience everything school life has to offer.  They will have the opportunity to visit each of our specialist classes, play in the different areas of the school and get use to the Prep rooms and routines.

2015 Transition dates for our 2016 Preps are as follows:

Tuesday 20th October – Transition 1
9.00 – 10.00am – Classroom session.  Students are invited to bring a soft toy for show and tell.
Parent coffee and chat with our Parent Representatives.

Thursday 29th October – Transition 2
9.00 – 10.30am – Classroom session, craft activity and snack.  This will include a play outside so children need to bring a sunhat.  Please bring a named snack.
Parent coffee and chat with our Parent Representatives.

Wednesday 4th November – Transition 3 
9.00 – 11.00am – Pre-Prep Screening.  This is run by our school network’s Speech Pathologists.  Students will complete activities while we gather lots of useful information about our new students.  This is a very important session.
9.00 – 10.30am – Parent Information Session with a staff member from our school network team.  They will discuss positive mental health, adjusting to school routines and other relevant information.

Thursday 12th November – Transition 4 
9.00 – 11.00am – Classroom science session, PE session and a play on the play equipment.  Please bring a snack and a sunhat.
9.00 – 10.00am – Parent session about Roslyn.  This will include important information about booklists, uniform sales, and school life at Roslyn.  We ask that all parents attend this session.

Wednesday 25th November – Transition 5
5.00 – 5.45pm – A fun activity session and an opportunity for parents/carers who are unavailable during the day to see the school and be part of our transition to school before school begins in 2016.

Along with the more formal transition sessions listed about, we also offer informal opportunities for you and your child to join in school life at Roslyn Primary School. Once your contact details are provided to our school, our ‘Kinder Kids’ are invited along to join in the fun every time we have a special school activity.

An example of an activity that happened in 2014 was when we invited the local Kinder kids and our enrolled Prep students for next year to join in different Science experiences and activities as part of our Education Week festivities.