Our Philosophy & Values

Our Philosophy

At Roslyn Primary School we encourage everyone to strive to achieve their greatest potential to make a positive contribution to a diverse and ever changing local and global society.  In embracing our school’s motto of ‘Rocketing to Success’, we will endeavour to develop creative, innovative individuals, who will embrace the challenges of the future.

Our Values

Our ROC values embed the vision we have for our students’ futures.  

‘Respectful’ Showing respect means you act in a way that shows you care about yourself and the feelings and wellbeing of others.

‘Optimistic’ Being optimistic means you expect the best, and have a positive outlook.

‘Creative’ Being creative is to produce something using your talents and imagination, but to also think in open ways to solve problems.

Our ROC values can be seen across everything that we do at Roslyn Primary School.  Our special ‘ROC Clap‘ is used to celebrate the accomplishments of others, thank others, and to congratulate our amazing students and community at our assembly and in our classrooms.