Grade 5/6 – What’s the state of matter Science experiments!

We are in a state, a state of matter that is! Grade 5/6 students will be presenting a very special science show, complete with amazing experiments based on our work with solids, liquids and gases. The experiments have been adapted by our students using the knowledge that they have learnt in our chemical science inquiry since the start of the year. Our science show will be starting at 5:45pm sharp. Be sure to be on time so you don’t miss out on any of our fantastic work.


5/6 Team


Authentic Action Expo an absolute success!

Yesterday’s Authentic Action Expo celebrating the learning from our second inquiry around history once again showed that Roslyn Primary School is certainly shooting for success!

During the day our classes visited other classes within the school to share in their learning from their units, with our prep students sharing their ‘history bags’ featuring special things about their short history so far, to our grade five and six students in character as people from the goldfields, sharing their lives as miners, school teachers, maids, and many more!  Our grade one and two students taught the other classes how to play games from the past such as hop scotch, elastics, marbles and knuckles.  The grade two, three and four students shared their soldiers care packages which they had put together for soldiers currently serving overseas.

Our five and six students also made ‘gold field’ lunches using recipes from their ‘Gold Fields Cook Book’, including rabbit stew, Johnny cakes with silverside, and goldern syrup dumplings.  They even worked tirelessly to make their own butter!

After lunch all classrooms opened their doors to parents, carers and others as they shared their learning experiences with our wider community.  The prep classes had extra special visitors inviting their grandparents to come in, sharing their ‘history bags’ with them, and with grandparents sharing special things from their history as well.

Our specialist art room and music room were also open to celebrate the wonderful learning which occurs through these programs.

Thank-you to everyone who came along to share in our inquiry authentic action, celebrating our student learning, and a huge well done to our amazing students for once again shooting for success as the Roslyn Rockets they are!

If you would like to know more about our inquiry program, be sure to look on our inquiry page.

I wonder what you would put in your history bag?