Building Project Update

We’re excited that our major building project is to commence at the end of this term.  This will see a large portion of our older main building demolished to make way for a new and exciting building which will stretch diagonally across the front of our school block.  This new building will include a new administration centre, a large multipurpose room which will include space for our OSHC Program, as well as a number of classrooms, and a general learning space to be dedicated to science.

In the meantime, there have been many updates to our grounds to improve the facilities we provide to our students.  We have had a retaining wall built around our junior playground to keep our soft fall in, and to provide seating.  Our basketball and netball courts were resurfaced late last year in a vibrant blue, and we have plans to have our oval re-sprigged over the summer period!  It’s all happening at Roslyn Primary School!

We are one of the luckiest schools having ample space for our students to run and play, and these further improvements will certainly make us ‘the best school in Geelong’ to quote our Roslyn Song!