At Roslyn we are a happy, supportive and welcoming school. At Roslyn we are a child safe school. We work together with families to ensure all of our students develop a good understanding of themselves and realise their potential: achieving their best, as students, and as active and caring members of our broader community.

We aim high, reaching for the stars, in every aspect of school life. Our motto is ‘Rocketing to Success’ which reflects our aim to be aspirational in all that we do.  Our results show outstanding growth for our students as they progress throughout the school.

Our students are provided with opportunities to learn how to be decisions makers and strong communicators.  All students learn how to be leaders and learn how to learn.  They are inspired to be self-motivated learners. Students have individualised learning goals in reading, writing and maths so that learning can target their specific needs.

Our Curriculum is based on The Victorian Curriculum using an Inquiry approach with a strong focus on learning through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths). Through this lens students actively make observations, collect, analyse, and synthesise information, and draw conclusions, developing useful problem solving skills to adapt to future ‘need to know’ situations.  They develop habits of mind that can last a lifetime and guide learning and creative thinking.   All students access specialist lessons in Music, Visual Arts, PE and Indonesian.

Our school has a strong sense of community and understands that the school experience is not just for the students, but the whole family.  We value and encourages parents to be actively involved in a wide variety of forums.  Families are our student’s first teachers and when we work together, we can reach for the Stars!

As you consider the serious job of entrusting the safety, growth and education of your child, you are invited to make an appointment to visit our school for a tour and see us in action!


Mary Hutchison