Physical Education

At Roslyn Primary School we value the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle and provide students with weekly physical education lessons.  Students are lead through a comprehensive program to develop their motor-skills, and are exposed to a wide range of sports such as badminton, hockey, golf, roller-skating, gymnastics, and volleyball, as well as the more common sports of football, soccer, basketball, cricket and netball. All students are catered for and encouraged to participate and enjoy being active.

Roslyn Primary School also offers an intensive swimming program with qualified instructors each year, as well as offering a Bike Education program to students in Year Four.

Students have the opportunity to compete in district and state teams through athletics, cross-country running, and swimming.  This gives our talented students the chance to shine in their particular areas.  Roslyn Primary School also participates in interschool sports with students competing in sports such as football, netball and soccer.

All students at Roslyn Primary School belong to a school house, with various ways to earn points for their house throughout the year.  The four houses are named after nearby streets, and are called Oxford (blue), Rugby (green), Cambridge (red) and Eton (yellow).