Assessment and Reporting

Student Reports

Roslyn Primary School provides comprehensive reports that detail students’ achievements and progress each term.  The report aims to provide consistent and clear information to parents and carers about their child’s achievement against state-wide standards in June and December, and progress reports in March and September.

We know that student learning is not always linear.  Sometimes student learning comes in a burst and they make significant progress in a short time, while other times it plateaus.  This is normal and similar to their other development such as growth spurts.  You should not be alarmed if your child’s progress presents this way, but we do recommend that you talk to your child’s class teacher to make sure their learning is on track and to find out if there is any particular support they require.

All student reports can be viewed through the ‘Compass’ website.

Student Work

We utilise a program called ‘Seesaw’ to present student activities and daily work and accomplishments.  This provides you, as the parent or carer, the opportunity to view your child’s work and to positively input into their development with an encouraging comment.  These form part of our commitment to ongoing reporting to our community. 

Student-Led Conferences 

Our mid-year ‘Student Led Conference’ provides the opportunity for the student, teacher and parent and carer to come together to celebrate the accomplishment of the students.  Students share their learning growth in different areas and their current and achieved learning goals.